Queen Street

Queen Street

2020 has taken a toll on a long list of artistic plans and projects. I can relate. I am part of a project that’s been on hold since last March.

It’s all about Queen Street and its multiple personalities. From the streets to the buildings to the people who live and work in one of Toronto’s iconic thoroughfares. Ottawa photographer Terry Blake who has been photographing Toronto’s Queen Street from one end to the other came up with the idea. He asked two photographers, Domenic Bugatto who is based in Toronto and me to join his project to capture the street’s many faces inside and out.

The plan was to exhibit our work with three photographers in Lima, Peru who were photographing one of the city’s similar main streets and hold a joint exhibition as part of Peru’s bicentenary in 2021. It was a way to showcase our Canadian talent in an interesting part of the world.

Because I don’t live in Toronto, I made several trips there to take photos to capture the winter in Canada’s biggest city and to document the personality of the street.

My last trip was on January 25, 2020 – the day Health Canada reported this country’s first confirmed case of COVID-19. The rest you know.

Since then our project has been on hold, my photos languishing in files on my desktop. So, I thought I’d share them. It may be the only way they’ll see the light of day, at least for now.

Stay tuned, maybe after all of this, you’ll see us in Peru.

Published by margomcdiarmid photographs

I am a photo-based artist with an interest in interpretive documentary photography. I am drawn to the cold, dark and remote places. I am graduate of and recent Artist-in-Residence at The School of Photographic Arts: Ottawa. I spent more than 30 years as an award winning journalist with CBC, Canada's public broadcaster.

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