Photo by Steve West

Margo McDiarmid is an emerging fine art photographer based in Ottawa, Ontario. She is an Artist in Residence at the School of the Photographic Arts: Ottawa (SPAO) She received a diploma in Photographic Arts Production from SPAO in 2020. McDiarmid is an award-winning journalist and former reporter with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) where she specialized in environmental reporting and politics. She has lived and worked around the world and across the country, including eight years in the Northwest Territories, 3 years in London, England, 7 years covering environment and energy in Western Canada and the US.

Margo has a long-standing interest in documentary photography with a particular focus on environmental themes and the human/natural relationship. Her most recent focus has been an in-depth study into the the interwoven fabric of society and winter. How do people live and survive in the long months of cold and dark that is part of life in northern countries? How is winter integral to our lives and how does our adaptation to months of cold and dark affect our resiliency as Canadians?

Margo takes her camera to remote and unusual places in search of capturing and documenting the essence of winter, and the study of the impact of the environment on our life.

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