The War in Ukraine

In early March 2022 just after Russia invaded Ukraine, I got on a plane for Poland.

I travelled as a freelance journalist and photographer to document the effects of the war on Ukrainians fleeing into nearby countries. To me,  the start of the war was a seminal event, with wide-ranging and long-lasting human and economic repercussions for the world. 

I spent more than five weeks in Poland and Ukraine talking to people fleeing the fighting and to those who were helping them. 

As part of my work I travelled with a team of Canadian medical professionals who donate their time to help in disaster relief. The Canadian Medical Assistance Teams (CMET) members invited me along to document their efforts to set up a clinic inside Ukraine along the Polish border to help thousands of refugees crossing to safety. 

In addition to the photographs, there are also links below to some of the stories I produced for CBC News.

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