How To Keep Your Flash Warm

The old saying  “Be careful of what you wish for, it might come true” has become the reality of my life this month. I’ve been moaning and groaning to anyone who would listen about how the mild weather in Eastern Ontario was delaying the start of my latest project The Outdoor Rink. I’ve gone toContinue reading “How To Keep Your Flash Warm”

Getting to Base Ice

Al Arsenault shovelling show at Centrepointe Park rink. I’ve discovered that looking after outdoor skating rinks is not just a pastime – it’s an art form. And I’ve just met a master.  Al Arsenault has been flooding and looking after his neighbourhood outdoor rink at Lakeview Park in Ottawa’s west end for 31 years. ButContinue reading “Getting to Base Ice”

The Outdoor Rink Project

December 2020 One of my favourite places in the winter is our local community ice rink late at night.  I walk by the Windsor Park Rink in Ottawa every night in the winter with my dog and have always been struck by the warm halo of light filled with hockey players or families surrounded byContinue reading “The Outdoor Rink Project”